Woof IT was established over11 years ago by our founder Mandy Beardshaw and was born from her vision to offer pet training and classes for all dogs and their owners. Mandy has over 30 years experience with dog training and coaching and also competes on a regular basis in competitive obedience, and is doing well.Mandy also offers clicker training and has passed the cap 1&2 with Distinction, and is also an IABTC Advanced Approved Instructor,we go on courses to keep up with all the different types of training thats around as it's always changing.In training we tend to use motivational methods either food or toy, depends on what motivates the dog more.

We started as a small group of people who shared a love of all things canine and have gone from strength to strength.

Our belief is that every dog matters and their owners do too and we all benefit from the fun, laughter and fitness we achieve!

We would love to welcome you all to our friendly classes and social events and look forward to hearing from you soon, WOOF!

We Believe that a Happy Dog = Happy Owner!

About us


We are mad about dogs and all things that woof it!!


We are a friendly, local dog training club based around the Dursley area. We love all things dog, and offer a range of services;



NEW! Hoopers

Puppy Training

Clicker Training

And more...


Our aim is for you to come along to a friendly class with a relaxed atmosphere and not feel pressured, if you feel calm so will the dog and this makes training much easier for you both.


We believe in a stress free training environment, fun and motivational methods are used, and absolutely no harsh handling.

Agility Classes

Obedience Training


Monday Evenings 6-7pm and 7.15-8.15pm

Also Daytime class Wednesday advanced 11am


Following woof it's training levels we teach loose lead walking, recall, retrieve and going onto more difficult exercises like sendaway and scent


Puppy/starters Class

Wednesday 6-7pm

and Thursday evenings at 7.15-8.15pm


lessons can also be arranged at your home!


This class is focused on getting the right start for your puppy at an early age, getting socialisation with dogs, people. Teaching walk on lead, come back when called, and more. Then moving on to Bronze level and Woof it level 2


Private Training

If you can't make class then we offer private training for 1 hour at your home or out and about to sort out any problems


Rally Obedience

Rally is a fun obedience sport where you navigate a set course made up of signs to follow, there are 3 levels and each level get more difficult

Agility classes do exactly what they say on the tin. They teach you and your dog how to complete an agility course. Agility is a fun, excitable activity you can do with you dog, and we accommodate any level from playtime to potential competitors.


We have a full set of equipment including weave poles, jumps, tunnels, fabric tunnels, A-frames, dog walks, tyre jumps, and the see-saw. Weather isn't a problem as we have the facilities for indoor or outdoor agility.


Agility classes are every Tuesday -

Novice: 6-7pm

Advanced: 7-8pm


Wednesday 7.15-8.15pm

Thursdays 6-7pm


One to Ones available on request 

Woof It Dog Training